Xinyang Zhongxin Perlite Insulation Material Factory is located in Pingqiao District, Xinyang city, Henan Province , where is the hometown of the perlite in China . Xinyang Zhongxin Insulation Material Factoryset up in 1996 is a private industrial company established since over 10 years their activities excentreated in the industrial fields, supplied with wide experiences and customers service requirement. which specializes in production of perlite products. The company possesses of 15 high and intermediate administrative personnel. It has particular kiln types and advanced processing equipments. The expanded perlite product line which is fueled with pulverized coal can be adjusted at discretion to produce thin, intermediate thick, thick, extreme thick expanded perlite serial products ranging from 1 millimeter to 8 millimeters.

We are mainly engaged in producing and developing the nonmetallic minerals -- perlite and the paragenesis mineral resource. We produce kinds of Perlite, every year, 20000 tons of Perlite ore, 40000 cubes of Expanded Perlite and more than 6000 tons of closed perlite.Since the company is established, we insist in the quality is the life of enterprise, set up the strict product quality control management system to make sure the high quality. We are be trusted in the customers from all over the world for the products and service.

We will service the competitive price, quality products and best customer service to all customers. Welcome enquiry by email or telephone.

Among others, the thin products are provided for cryogenic equipments such as air separation equipments, tank car and oxygen plant as well as dynamite agile burst and for producing filter aid of perlite; The intermediate thick products can be confected into perlite goods with various agglomerant; The thick products are divided into two types: the acid ones and the alkalescent ones, which are applied to agriculture and gardening particularly, supervised by Shanghai Gardens Research Institute. The extreme thick products are exported to Japan and Southeast Asia area. The cement, hydrophobic perlite products and PPM bagged heat preservation rendering materials are used for general energy conservation in buildings and the heat preservation of the external cell of the energy conservational buildings; SPLM perlite light fillings have already been broadly applied to Minhang No.4 Line, Sichen Highway Bridge and other projects. The above mentioned advanced processing equipments and the new types have already been attorned to several perlite companies in China distinctively. With the high-speed development of the cryogenic technology, the particular methods of production, store and transportation for the air separation equipments, the vacuum store, the low temperature liquid transportation car and the liquefied natural gas equipment (LNG) include: LNG plant; LNG receiving terminal; LNG tank car; LNG tank boat; LNG aerificational station. Each one needs great quantities of the expanded perlite and the hydrophobic expanded perlite. The company makes use of the product line of the expanded perlite to manufacture the hydrophobic expanded perlite. Because of the unique capability of water resistance, the hydrophobic expanded perlite is more suitable for the thermal insulation of the cryogenic equipments and the liquefied natural gas tank boat and tank car.

We are proud to be the first China company specialized in producing of China Perlite since 1990 according to universal and laboratory tested specifications which is used in many applications:

Perlite series: Expanded perliteHorticultural Perlite

Perlite products series: Waterproof perlite insulation board, Perlite fire door core board, Perlite pipe insulation;

Glass beads of series: Obturator perlite, Glass beads of Inorganic insulation mortar;

Perlite ore Series: Perlite Cleaner agent, Perlite covering agent, Expanded perlite ore, Perlite ore;

Bentonite Series: Activated clay, Bentonite (sodium / calcium base / lithium / feed grade) and so on.

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