Expansion perlite (EXPANDED PERLITE)

Expanded perlite is preheated, baked instantaneous expansion by expaned perlite ore, which is made after an internal honeycomb structure of the white granular material.

Perlite Principle and the expansion of configuration:

Expanded perlite is crushed by the ore, dealed with the rapid heating (1000 above). After the moisture vaporization ores and minerals in the particles soften internal expansion, the formation of porous structure, expansion to the original 10-30 times. The expanded perlite can be sorted to 3 fonfiguarations by the technical conditions. They are the open hole (OPEN CELL), the obturator (CLOSED Cell), the hollow hole (BALLOON).

White Granulated (internal cellular structure)
Non-toxic, odorless, corrosion

Neutral PH6.5-7.5, Acid and Basic, Resistance, not burning

Light weight

The expanded perlite main characteristics :
Light porous Unburning insulation
Acoustic waterproof corrosion resistance

The brilliant expansion perlite is a new type material of thermal insulating and heat-resistantor.Using liquefied pertrolum gas as fuel and selectivly particle size of high quality graded perlite as raw material, the product shall be formed at a sudden and controlled high temperature. Compared to ordinary expansion perlite, the outstanding characteristics are is its low bulk density, low heat exchange coefficient as well as exhibiting symmetrical size. The product is mainly used for the storage of liqufid industrial gasses in double wall cold or storage sphere as a good low temperature insulation material
Type TCHP-60 TCHP-50
Bulk density 43.20~55 43.20~47
Compressed density 48.92~60 47~55
Increased BD value
after filling 25 by manual, 35 by blowing 25 by manual, 35 by blowing
Average heat exchange
coefficient 0.023
(Under a BD of 55kg/m3) 0.0218
(Under a BD of less than 47kg/m3)
Particle size 1~0.5mmR90%0.05mmQ10%
Piled angle 30~32
Moisture rate 0.5

2009-2010 Ҽӹ(ԥICP08107074) Ȩ
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